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Dutch awnings

Dutch awnings come in different models, known as:

Standard model: The most popular model and suitable for almost any situation

Boutique model: This playful variant on the standard model is mostly used for shops and small boutiques.

Café model: This type of Dutch awnings can for example be used on terraces of cafés and restaurants


In our own workshop we produce the awning frames which are made out of first class Scandinavian

Pinewood. Covering the frames with the fabric and colour of your choice the awnings are finished with high quality options again of your own choice.

Dutch awnings can be operated manual or electrical and operating the Dutch awnings with an app on your smartphone is also amongst the options. Every choice depending on your own needs.

Why choose for Dutch awnings?

They have been used for over 150 years and are a very effective way to keep the sun out because of the fabric being in front and at the sides of the awning. Dutch awnings are very durable, but do need some maintenance to keep them as good as new.

How are they made?

The making of Dutch awnings is a real piece of traditional workmanship. The wooden frame of an awning is made out of a least 5 U-shaped frames attached to each other with hinges. Above the awning is a housing to protect the fabric against rain and dirt when pulled up. The wood used for the frames is A-quality Pinewood and the protective housing is made out of Red Cedar hardwood.

The wooden frame and housing are painted with 2 layers of hard primer and then topped of with 2 layers of high gloss paint. The fabrics used for the awnings are cut at the right size and then stitched together to fit the awning perfectly.

As a finishing touch you can pick out of a large number of coloured needled tape or maybe your choice will be a waved or straight frill.

Will your choice be for a manual operated awning then there will be 1 or 2 drawstrings and awning pulleys. If the awning is pulled up you can attached the drawstring to a cleat mounted on the wall or window frame.

An electrical operated Dutch awning will have a pipe motor concealed in the housing of the awning. The Dutch awning can then be operated with a switch, Somfy® remote control or a special App.

Fabric choices

There is nothing you want more than to enjoy your Dutch awning for a lifetime. That’s why we only use top of the bill fabrics and brands. We make use of the canvases of the following brands Sattler, Swela, Tibelly and Dickson. All the canvasses we use are rot proof and anti-mould.  

After making an inventory of your wishes and needs the Dutch awning will be custom made for you.

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